Housing for Seniors with Vision Loss

Housing needs change as one ages, and this is particularly true when vision loss is part of the experience. These sites offer information about housing that is affordable and accessible, advice on decision-making, and resources on legal rights and the range of options available to seniors with visual impairment.
A helpful checklist of features to consider when searching for a living situation for an elder with visual impairment. Includes environmental, staff, and policy issues.
An exploration of the full range of housing options for seniors: aging in place, relocating, retirement communities, assisted living, and nursing homes; includes cost comparisons.
This guide helps seniors understand their housing options; information and precautions when owning a home, downsizing, taking out a mortgage or reverse mortgage, and selling property.

Web-Based Organizations & Internet Resources

Frequently asked questions on the housing rights of people with disabilities, and the legal responsibilities of housing providers and building and design professionals.
Information and resources on affordable housing for people with disabilities.