Functional Vision Assessment (FVA)

This section has links to information about Functional Vision Assessment, a crucial early step in planning for the education of a student with visual impairment. These resources explain the procedures, techniques, and importance of the assessment.
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Functional Vision Assessment: Introduction

Lea-Test, Ltd.
The importance of understanding functional vision when selecting techniques for early intervention and classroom strategies.
SET-BC (Special Education Technology-British Columbia)
Darick Wright, Coordinator of New England Eye Clinic, offers a multimedia overview of the essential components of a functional vision assessment. Includes printable assessment worksheets.
Low Vision Online
Chapter from an online book; includes definitions, factors that affect functional vision, a list of eight areas for assessment, and much more.
Scottish Sensory Centre
Lists the seven functions that comprise the spectrum of visual functioning. 
A quick outline of the components of an assessment and their importance. Also available in Spanish.
Vision Australia
A functional vision assessment helps parents understand their child's visual abilities and how to make the most of them in various settings.
Functional Vision Assessment Second Workshop
Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired
Darick Wright explains the essential components of a functional vision assessment and illustrates them with specific examples.
American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)
Explain the importance of comprehensive evaluations by members of the student's multidisciplinary team, including assessments of functional vision, expanded core curriculum, appropriate learning media, and ophthalmologic and optometric evaluations.
Carmen Willings
A teacher's list of materials to assemble to create assessment kits; one for readers and one for students who don't yet read.

Functional Vision Assessment & Multiple Disabilities

Colorado Services to Children with Deafblindness
A fact sheet on functional assessment for children with deafblindness (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).
Missouri Deafblind Technical Assistance Project
Understanding the degree of functional vision is important in planning the educational program for students with deafblindness (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).
Scottish Sensory Centre
Assessing vision as part of an early intervention program for infants and children who have additional or multiple disabilities and visual impairment (MDVI).
Focuses on communication and the interpreter's role when assessing the vision of a person who is deafblind; includes tests and techniques for conducting the assessment.
Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN)
A checklist for assessing a student's ability to use an alternative communication system that requires some vision (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).
DBLINK: The National Information Clearinghouse On Children Who Are DeafBlind
Robbie Blaha and Brad Carlson describe how to develop appropriate adaptations and strategies for teaching manual language systems to children who are deafblind (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).
California Deaf-Blind Services
Child-driven assessment techniques for working with children who are congenitally deafblind. The author discusses the importance of knowing about the development of vision and hearing skills and possible implications of clinical findings.
Video of clinical examination of a child with Down Syndrome after she has received her first pair of glasses.

Functional Vision Assessment Forms

The following sample forms may be helpful for performing a Functional Visual Assessment (FVA) or Functional Vision Evaluation (FVE):

California School for the Blind
California Department of Education
Miami-Dade County Public Schools for the Visually Impaired
Hearing and Vision Connections

Web-Based Organizations and Internet Resources

National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness (NCDB)
A bibliography of materials on functional vision; some include online text