Family Support for Adults & Seniors with Vision Loss

Adult vision loss affects the whole family. Recognizing signs of visual impairment in a relative, coping with the diagnosis, and providing helpful support are all part of the adjustment process. This section offers a range of information: advice and support for family members, practical tips for daily caregiving, and suggestions for emotional adjustment.
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Advice for Family Members

California Council of the Blind
Advice for families of visually impaired seniors on handling some common challenges together.
American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)
Advice for family members adjusting to the vision loss of an older relative; includes a list of common problems and solutions; available in Spanish.
Vision Aware
Advice for caregivers challenged by the vision loss of a parent or companion.
National Eye Institute
This page is aimed at caregivers who are having difficulty expressing their feelings about the impact of a loved one’s vision loss.
Vision Aware
Self-care suggestions for friends and family members who are dealing with the responsibilities of caring for someone with a vision loss.
Lighthouse International
Addresses one’s feelings and emotions when a spouse or partner is losing vision; tips for enhancing communication. Also available in plain text:

Family Members as Caregivers: Practical Strategies
Caregivers’ frequently asked questions when dealing with seniors’ sadness; suggestions for encouraging maximum independence.
Lighthouse International
An explanation of normal vision changes in the aging process; helping a loved one cope; the benefits of vision rehabilitation. Also available in plain text:
Macular Degeneration Foundation (Australia)
This 36-page booklet offers strategies for independent living, maintaining mobility, preventing falls, leisure activities, and using daily living aids, low vision aids, and adaptive technology.
Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)
Advice for those who provide support to an older adult with vision loss.
Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)
This article helps family members and older adults prepare for eye tests and appointments, and make better use of time with the doctor.
Ezine Articles
A discussion of the sensory changes that accompany aging, and the appropriate accommodations for professional, paraprofessional, and family caregivers.

Family Support for Seniors with Vision Loss

Vision Aware
This section focuses on the needs and questions of family and friends; includes links to a number of articles, and an online video of a husband and wife discussing how they have adapted together.
Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)
A list of changes that may indicate vision loss in older relatives.
Vision Aware
Signs that a loved one may be experiencing vision loss.
Vision Aware
Answers to children’s questions about their older relatives' vision loss; includes basic vision information and the effects of visual impairment.
Family Caregiver Alliance
This article covers a wide range of information, including causes, vision rehabilitation, adaptations and assistive devices, orientation and mobility, and the emotional effects of vision loss.