Career Exploration and Planning

These websites are helpful to students who are blind or visually impaired and beginning to plan for employment and careers.

For Students

American Foundation for the Blind
Career Connect is "a free resource for people who want to learn about the range and diversity of jobs performed by adults who are blind or visually impaired...." With sections for job seekers, employers, professionals, family and friends, and teens, this site includes information on career exploration, connecting with mentors, and using technology in the workplace.
Perkins eLearning Webcasts
A young person's transition into the adult world may require planning specific to his or her condition. In this webcast, Wendy Bridgeo shares teaching strategies for helping students with CHARGE Syndrome achieve success in meaningful work environments.
U.S. Dept. of Labor
This site offers information based on the Guideposts for Success, "what research and practice has identified as key educational and career development interventions that make a positive difference in the lives of all youth...."
The Student Slate, Fall 2012
NFB Scholar Mary Fernandez offers a personal reflection of her own job search experience. This is a great discussion topic for all young job seekers.