Access to the Arts & Cultural Programs

Access to Cultural Programs and Buildings

These resources offer information on making art and cultural programs and buildings accessible to people with disabilities, including those with blindness or visual impairment.
The Kennedy Center/VSA Arts
Making arts and cultural events accessible to all, including advice for creating accessibility policies, outreach, marketing, and physical accommodations. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Art Beyond Sight Collaborative
This handbook presents a step-by-step process for creating an accessible arts program for people with visual impairments. Each module contains an overview, practical considerations, agendas, checklists, troubleshooting tips and funding strategies.
The Kennedy Center
Information on a variety of topics for ADA/504 Coordinators, accessibility managers, or other cultural arts professionals interested in making their facilities and programming more accessible to people with disabilities.
The Canadian Museum for Human Rights planned for full accessibility throughout every stage of its design. The Accessibility section of the webpage explains how visitors with visual impairments or other disabilities may engage the museum's offerings.

Web-Based Organizations and Internet Resources

These organizations are dedicated to promoting enjoyment of art by people who are blind or visually impaired.

The Art Beyond Sight Collaborative is includes community-based groups and local affiliates of national agencies, museums and other arts-related organizations, elementary and high schools, colleges and universities, national and international advocacy groups, and blind, visually impaired, and sighted art enthusiasts.
Research resources and information about blindness in the arts, information technology, and computing.
This organization offers music lessons through downloadable (or tape ad CD) lessons for more than a dozen instruments, all by ear. Many of the lessons are available through the National Library Service program.
VSA is an affiliate of the Kennedy Center, dedicated to providing educational opportunities in the arts for students with disabilities, and opportunities for artists with disabilities to practice and perform their craft.  VSA affiliates in your region can be found through the VSA Arts home portal.