Other Resources

Perkins eLearning offers a wide range of information and resources for educators, families and others who are interested in the education of children and youth who are blind or visually impaired, including those with deafblindness or multiple disabilities.

Perkins Publications

We offer a wide range of publications on topics related to all aspects of blindness education. Our publications are available in many formats including print, e-book and DVD. Some items are also available in multiple language.

Research Library

Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan

The Samuel P. Hayes Research Library & Archives offers the largest and most comprehensive collection of resources related to the non-medical aspects of blindness and deafblindness available to the public. The materials do not circulate, but visitors are welcome to conduct research at the library and archives.

Perkins Archives

The Perkins Archives contains thousands of primary source documents related to the history of education of people who are blind and deafblind, institutional archives and correspondence of significant figures in the school's history, such as Helen Keller, Annie Sullivan, Laura Bridgman and Samuel Gridley Howe. Hundreds of historical documents and photographs have been digitized and may be viewed online.

Scout Information Clearinghouse

Perkins Scout is a searchable database of carefully curated online resources related to blindness and visual impairment. The website mascot, a guide dog named Scout, will help you retrieve the information you're looking for. All of it has been reviewed by Perkins experts and organized for your convenience.