SEI Mini Course: Differentiating for ELLS through the WICA Framework


Posted by Margie CarneyJan 19, 2017

Hi would you have a course syllabus?

Posted by val.wellandJan 24, 2017

Hi Margie,

Thank you for your inquiry.  We will not have a syllabus for this course.  Below is the description of the course, I hope this helps with any questions you might have:

Margie Kirstein, experienced ELL educator, instructional coach and
Confianza facilitator, will provide professional development to educators at Perkins School
through two face-to-face (F2F) workshops and accompanying online coursework. Successful
completion of this professional development will result in improved understanding of English
Language Learner (ELL) populations and a deeper focus of effective ELL strategies to teach
and assess diverse students.

Please let us know if you have any questions


Perkins eLearning

Posted by KarenRFeb 02, 2017

The description lists that "This course satisfies the MA DOE ESE Educator Professional Licensure SEI PDP Requirements", does that mean that participants will leave with the DESE required 'SEI ENDORSEMENT', or just PDPs that can be applied toward obtaining the endorsement?
thank you

Posted by Emily.MooreFeb 03, 2017

Hi Karen,

This is not the endorsement. This is the training required for educators who are not required to get the endorsement but are required to earn 15 PDPs in ELL - please see


Emily, Perkins eLearning

Posted by Charlene LaferreraFeb 05, 2017

Does this course meet requirements for those that need to keep their elementary education certificate current?

Posted by val.wellandFeb 07, 2017

Hi Charlene,
Completion of this course will grant you 15 ACVREPs, 15 PDPs, 15 CEs, or 1 Graduate Credit.  
We would recommend speaking with your supervisor or school principal to see if this class will satisfy the requirement.  
Perkins eLearning

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