Optic Nerve Hypoplasia/Septo Optic Dysplasia: An Overview and Understanding for Educators


Posted by Rhonda RiversFeb 19, 2016

Parent of a 10 yr., female diagnosed with OHN would like to attend

Posted by elearning help deskFeb 19, 2016

great, Rhonda, we'd love to have you. click the register button on this page to sign up. Robin

Posted by Ron MonizFeb 19, 2016

Hello Martha

Are kiddos welcome? We could make it a family trip



Posted by e-learning help deskFeb 20, 2016

Hello Ron, this is a full day lecture. We will not have any activities for children, or childcare. Youth 15+, accompanied by a parent, may find the discussion informative, if they can tolerate a full-day. Robin

Posted by shelleyFeb 23, 2016

will this eventually be included as a webinar? I am unable to attend on the 2nd

Posted by TeresaFeb 23, 2016


Sorry you cannot attend.
At this time, we do not have any plans for a webinar.
I would recommend checking back occasionally to see what new workshop, webinars, webcast etc. are added. In the future there is always a possibility.

Posted by DeedraFeb 23, 2016

I am very interested in this topic and would love for this training to have an online option. I won't be able to attend on April 2. Thanks!

Posted by KristyMar 02, 2016

What are the hours for this workshop 4/2/16? Thanks.

Posted by TeresaMar 02, 2016

The workshop hours are-
Sign in 8:30
Workshop 9-4

Posted by Valerie YoastNov 05, 2016

Has this info session been made into a webinar? Or notes available?

Posted by val.wellandNov 07, 2016

Hi Valerie,

Thank you for your email.  At this time we do not have this class as a webinar.



-Perkins eLearning

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