Third Annual CVI Symposium: Best Practices and Current Research presented by experts in CVI


Posted by Dorothy VetranoFeb 01, 2017

By any chance are the workshops addressing CVI recorded so people who live out of state can view them online? As a teacher living in Houston, we have a number of students with CVI and it would be great if we could access this information. Unfortunately traveling to Watertown, MA is just not an option nor feasible for many of our teachers.
Thank you for your consideration,
Dorothy Vetrano, M.S., Ed.
Teacher for Visually Impaired Students
Houston ISD

Posted by Audrey FarrellyFeb 02, 2017

I would also like a chance to view the workshop online. CVI is a particular interest of mine as a number of our students have CVI and I would really like to be able to attend such a workshop with leading experts in the field but living outside of the US it is not an option.
Thank you in advance.

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