Online Class Testimonials: Multimedia Accessibility in the Digital Classroom: Strategies for Students with Visual Impairments

"This was a fantastic class! I learned so much from Ting and even more from classmates. Great assignments and discussions."
— Kara

"Ting's videos each week we helpful. She is engaging and encouraged me to try new approached to teaching and working with AT."

"Excellent course with relevant material. Stretched my assumptions and influenced my daily professional practice. Will definitely help me be a better observer of and advocate for students."
— Jessica

"I prefer face to face discussion. This class was the next best thing and gave me an opportunity I would not otherwise have due to limited time and money for travel."
— Julie

"Wish I knew how to save all the conversations as there was so much good information! Would like to be able to save some of the lecture videos too! I didn't always understand how to access some of the additional handouts/ I missed out on some of that."
— Vicki

"I really liked the assignments of creating an accessible Word document and adding video description. Neither my district nor I use iPads, so I mostly skimmed over those parts of the class. Some of the discussion topics lent themselves to too much repetition. At other times, the discussion forums had an overwhelming amount of information."
— Linda