Multimedia Accessibility in the Digital Classroom: Strategies for Students with Visual Impairments


Posted by EDWARD KISSI (R...May 12, 2015

FROM : Ghana

Posted by WJun 03, 2015

What is meant by "8 week course?" Is it at a certain day or time?

Posted by eLearning Help DeskJun 03, 2015

Thanks for your question -
In our instructor-led online classes, students work through the assignments and deadlines as defined in their syllabus, and are not locked into a class date, time, or place! You will have weekly assignments (including lectures, discussions, and quizzes) for 8 weeks. The class will not meet live, so you can manage your time in a way that works best for you. While you may not have assignments due every day of a workshop, you should expect to log into the learning site daily for news and discussion.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions document for more information about how instructor-led classes are structured.

Posted by charityJun 05, 2015

Hello Edward
i would like to know if there are free online classes for those who can not afford to pay such amount...

Posted by Deb LaPlanteJun 05, 2015

What equipment or technology do we need access to during this course?

Posted by TeresaJun 05, 2015

Hi Deb
you must have reliable Internet service and processing speed. Perkins cannot guarantee support of a dial-up connection, which is typically too slow to accommodate the tools and materials we provide. For best results, a high-speed Internet connection (cable or modem) is recommended.

Personal computers, Apple products, and mobile devices are also supported. If you are reading this message, your system is sufficient.

Keep in mind that Perkins eLearning makes significant use of multi-media presentations. It is our expectation that you have the most current version of Microsoft Office (or equivalent software) for your system, and are prepared to work with word documents, presentation files, and spreadsheets. For best results with audio and video, a “wired” connection and an up-to-date browser are strongly encouraged. When you register for a class, we will provide a readiness checklist for you to use to prepare your work station.

To explore the types of resources used, take our Practice Course and verify that you can work with the materials provided.

Perkins eLearning is not staffed to provide personal computer or Internet support to workshop participants.

Due to the private nature of materials and information shared during Perkins eLearning courses, we do not recommend that participants use public computers in libraries and community centers for your coursework. In additional, institutional networks may not provide full access to our course content. We recommend that you find out from your school or business network whether firewalls or other site restrictions may interfere with your accessing all of the material included, such as YouTube videos and downloadable files.
If you need additional help please let me know

Posted by TeresaJun 05, 2015

we do not have any programs at this time to help financially, if anything changes I will contact you. Have you checked with your school/organization to see if they can support you? We do take PO's and bill back.

Posted by Julie RomeroJun 23, 2015

did you change the title of this course?Is it the same as "The Assistive Technology toolkit?

Posted by eLearning Help DeskJun 23, 2015

Hello Julie, yes, this is the same class we promoted earlier as the Assistive Technology Toolkit. The content of the course is the same. Will you be able to join us in August?

Posted by Julie RomeroJun 24, 2015

yes, I will register today. Thank you

Posted by TingJun 29, 2015

Hi Deb,

In addition to the equipment/technology already mentioned, access to an iPad during the course is strongly recommended for a fully enriched, hands-on learning experience. Some of the suggested readings and resources are also linked to the iPad.

Thank you for asking this very important question! Using tech to learn about tech.....I love it (smile).


Posted by TesaJul 09, 2015

I would like to clarify how many CEUs will I get if I take this course. From the description, it indicated 40 clock hours. I'm not sure how to translate that in terms of CEU credit. Also, I want to know if NC school system will acknowledge this program.

Posted by eLearning Help DeskJul 10, 2015

Hello Tesa, thanks for your interest -- we hope you can join us. As you mention, each state, region, and even district have their own formula and requirements for CEUs. To help make the calculation simple for all, Perkins eLearning awards education credits in terms of hours. Please check your local jurisdiction to learn how 1 clock hour translates to CEUs for you, and to be sure that your school system will recognize this continuing education offering.

Posted by Josee KlentakAug 12, 2016

I've just gone over the syllabus for this course. It appears the dates all need to be corrected. The syllabus is listed as Winter 2016, Jan 25-March 20. The assignments for Weeks 3, 5, 6, 7 are listed as due with August and September dates. Other assignments are listed as due in Feb and March. I am very interested in the course, but I first need accurate dates before I can understand if this will fit my schedule.

Posted by RSittenAug 12, 2016

You are correct that the syllabus posted here is watermarked as a Sample.

The structure and assignments are a good representative of the material covered in this class and the assignments you will be given.

All assigments are due Sundays by midnight eastern time. The Fall 2016 course will begin on Sept 12, with assignments due Sept 18, 25, Oct 2, etc until November 6. 

The class does not meet live at any time. We hope this information helps you decide whether this class fits your schedule and professional development needs. Click "Register Now" when you are ready to select your credit type. Thanks.

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