Cortical Visual Impairment


Posted by luciana zerbina...Jun 22, 2016

Hello, I'm an occupational therapist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I would like to do the online course on CVI and look more information.
I'm waiting for contact.

Posted by Emily.MooreJun 22, 2016

Hi Luciana,

Thanks for your interest in Perkins eLearning! Unfortunately this course is currently full, but we will be offering it again in the fall. Do you have specific questions about this course? If so, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,


Posted by erin wegrzynJul 06, 2016

When are you offering it in the fall? I am in occupational therapist and need to full my CEU's by November 30th. I have several kids on my caseload who had visual impairments and think your course would be very beneficial.


Posted by Emily.MooreJul 07, 2016

Hi Erin, 

Our Fall 2016 Cortical Visual Impairment online course will run from October 10th to December 4th. Unfortunately the credits for this course will not be issued by November 30th. If you would like, I can email you resources about CVI where you can earn credits at your own pace. 



Posted by erin wegrzynJul 13, 2016

Do you mind to email me your resources about CVI where I can earn credits at my own pace?


Posted by Tickson T. SichelaJul 08, 2016

I would like to attend this course please

Posted by Emily.MooreJul 08, 2016

Hi Tickson,

I'm sorry but our summer session is currently full, however we will be offering this course again in the fall. In the meantime, if you would like to email I can provide you with our other CVI resources. 



Posted by Luci RuppelJul 09, 2016

I am interested in taking this CVI course and getting certified in CVI. How do I do this?

Posted by Suzanne Piquett...Jul 11, 2016

Good afternoon,
I would like to register for the following course by Dr. Christine Roman given on July 11th to September 4th.
Is there any space left at that particular time? If, yes, where do I go for registration? I hope to hear a favourable answer to my request.
Thanks and have a great day,
Suzanne Piquette-Lachapelle
Teacher for deafblind

Posted by RSittenJul 11, 2016

Thank you for your interest. I am sorry to say that the Summer course is full, and opened today. Our next session will be October 10 - December 4. We expect to open registration for the Fall session very soon. Bookmark this page to find it easily.  Hope to see you soon. Robin

Posted by Paula BoylanJul 21, 2016

What is the best way to keep appraised of when the fall offering of this course will open?

Posted by Emily.MooreJul 21, 2016

Hi Paula,

Our fall CVI course will run from October 10th to December 4th and registration will open on July 27th. The best way to stay updated is to subscribe to the Perkins eLearning mailing list.



Posted by SuchitraSep 14, 2016

I am a post graduate trainee in Developmental Paediatrics from Sri Lanka. I am interested in doing the professional development course ($350). Is there a vacancy for the October course? I already have your book and i love it.


Posted by val.wellandSep 16, 2016

Hello Suchitra,


Thank you for your interest in this course.  Unfortunately, this class has sold out.  Please feel free to signup on the waiting list and if space becomes available, we will reach out to let you know.




Perkins eLearning

Posted by Rosario Espinoza Sep 14, 2016

I am ophthalmologist and work in low visión in Peru. I am interested to take this course. Thanks.

Posted by val.wellandSep 16, 2016

Hello Rosario,


Thank you for your interest in this course,  we are very excited that you are interested in taking this.  Unfortunately,  this class has sold out but you are welcome to sign up on the waiting list.  If space becomes available,  we will reach out to let you know.





Perkins eLearning

Posted by Karen HooserNov 15, 2016

Hi! I would like to take this course during the summer 2017. Will it be available, and what will the hours be for collaboration? I will be teaching summer school, and would like to see if I can fit it into my summer.
Thanks for the info,

Posted by val.wellandNov 17, 2016

Hi Karen,

We currently do not have our Summer 2017 courses finalized.  This course is quite popular so there is a good chance it will be offered in the Summer.  With the online courses, there is no set time for collaboration.  You would have assignments due each week, but it is working at your own pace.

Posted by R MD ErshadDec 04, 2016

Dear madam/sir i am an early interventionist. I want to join cortical visual impairment online course. I need information regarding course, Per day how many hours training? Is it daily classes from January to march? and timings of classes.
Thanking you

Posted by val.wellandDec 05, 2016


Thank you for your interest in this course.  The course is designed so you can work at your own schedule, so there is a no specific timeframes that you must be online.  There will be weekly assignments due, but you can work at your own pace during the week.

Posted by Dr. Beula ChristyJan 04, 2017

Hello, I am from LV Prasad Eye Instiute, India. I would like to enroll for this course. Please let me know the details


Posted by val.wellandJan 04, 2017


Thank you for your interest in this course.  Unfortunately, the Winter session for this course is sold out.  I would encourage you to sign up on the wait-list,  if space becomes available we will reach out to let you know.  If no space opens,  you would be one of the first to know when the Spring 2017 session becomes available.




Perkins eLearning

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