Introduction to Cerebral Visual Impairment in Children: Visual Impairment Due to Damage to the Brain


Posted by Mark GearFeb 03, 2016


I work as an O&m with children 0-5yrs, and students 5-21yrs in terms of ADL. The course looks fairly comprehensive which is great. Looking at the educational aspects, is more geared towards a TVI or would it suit someone from my background. I would have thought yes looking at the syllabus? With thanks, Mark

Posted by Carmen ZarateFeb 03, 2016

At what time will the class take place?

Posted by Mark GearFeb 03, 2016

Hi, just a follow up question, how long are the online classes, I am just asking for planning approval so staff can get time off from student delivery, with thanks, Mark

Posted by RSittenFeb 03, 2016

Thanks for your interest in our online classes, and this class in particular.
In our instructor-led online classes, students work through the assignments and deadlines as defined in their syllabus, and are not locked into a class date, time, or place!  Interactions between class groups of diverse specialties, settings, and locations expand  the discussion far beyond the traditional campus-based experience.

Our online courses provide active participation, moderated discussion, graded weekly assignments and quizzes, and most importantly, practical application of the material into your daily practice. While you may not have assignments due every day of a workshop, you should expect to log into the learning site daily for news and discussion. There is no live class meeting.

Our classes are designed for anyone who is concerned with the unique educational needs of children who are visually impaired, including O&Ms, TVIs, Classroom Teachers, and Parents.

It is a good idea to download the syllabus to see the layout of our instructor-led courses. They are short-term, they can represent an intense time commitment for your regular schedule.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions document
for more information about our online workshops or view our brief video at

Posted by Mary McPhersonFeb 06, 2016

Hi Robbin
and Hi Mark too!!
I'm doing Christine Roman's CVI course at the moment and the 2 courses would overlap. Keen to do this one as I enjoyed Gordon Dutton's one I did previously.
I would be interested to know the type of assignments requirements to know if it is even remotely possible to do both.

Posted by RobinFeb 07, 2016

The syllabus for Dr Luecks class can be downloaded from this page. It is a good idea to review the workload, and especially the weeks where these classes will overlap. You are welcome to take both, of course. Please note that Dr Luecks class also has a required textbook.

Posted by Mary McPhersonFeb 08, 2016

Hi Robin,
Sorry missed that - it is quite clear!

Posted by Marwa Jun 30, 2016

I'd like to be on the waiting list of this course of Dr. Lueck but I couldn't sign up on it through this the waiting list to this course still available? Thank you

Posted by RSittenJun 30, 2016

Hello Marwa, thanks for your interest. There is not a waiting list for this class at this time. The Introduction to Cerebral Visual Impairment class will return in Winter 2017. We are working with Dr. Lueck on a start date, and expect to open registration in the fall.  Robin

Posted by Anna LackeyAug 07, 2016

Hello! When will this be offered again? I look forward to hearing from you!

Posted by RSittenAug 07, 2016

Hello Anna - this course will soon be available as a self-paced tutorial! We are putting the finishing touches on an independent version, which will include all of Dr. Lueck's lectures, interviews with Gordon Dutton, and readings from Vision & The Brain. Stay tuned for announcements from Perkins eLearning on this new offering. 

Posted by LaraSep 15, 2016

Is the oct 3rd date at Perkins closed or cancelled? Is says access denied when I tried to get more info.

Posted by Emily.MooreSep 16, 2016

Hi Lara,

Unfortunately we have cancelled our Cerebral Visual Impairment workshop with Amanda Lueck that was scheduled for October 3, 2016. However, we will be rescheduling with her this spring. There is also an online class taught by Amanda Lueck that will start on January 16, 2017, as well as an online tutorial. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Posted by Mark GearOct 02, 2016

I am just checking that the payment for Alana Bogart, Aranka Rauschenberger, Debbie Homan and Nancy Higgins has come through for the CVI course from the Blind Foundation, New Zealand. With much thanks, Mark Gear

Posted by val.wellandOct 03, 2016

Hello Mark,

We are showing that we received payment for Alana Bogart, Aranka Rauschenberger, Debbie Homen, and Nancy Higgins.



Posted by nisma seharDec 07, 2016

i am working as a low vision specialist in tertiary eye care i eligible to attend this course for the better rehabilitation of my patients.

Posted by val.wellandDec 09, 2016

Hello Nisma,


Thank you for your interest in this course!  Our suggestion would be to speak with your supervisor to see if this course would benefit you professionally.  If you decide it will be right for you, you are welcome to register by using the link above.




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