Augmentative-Alternative Communication Strategies for Students with Visual Impairments and Additional Disabilities


Posted by Mary FedericoMay 28, 2015

What are the exact dates and times of this class? I need to be sure I can get the days from work.

Posted by eLearning Help DeskMay 28, 2015

This course will run from Aug 3 to Sept 6. In our instructor-led online classes, participants work through the assignments and deadlines as defined in their syllabus, and are not locked into a class date, time, or place! You will not have a live session. Interactions between class groups of diverse specialties, settings, and locations expand the discussion far beyond the traditional campus-based experience.
We hope you can join us.

Posted by PaulaJul 11, 2015

do you have this kind of online courses for parents?

Posted by RSittenJul 13, 2015

Thanks for your interest. Parents are welcome in our classes, and many have taken them. If cost is a concern, look at our self-paced tutorials, which have a $35 fee for people who do not need professional development credits. Or explore our "Watch and Learn" video library. Classes led by instructors do not have a special price for parents -- but parents, caregivers, graduate students, paraprofessionals, and other interested learners are all welcome! We hope to hear from you.

Posted by LauraJul 19, 2015

Does this course count toward PA Certification continuing ed credits? (e.g. PDE)>

Posted by RSittenJul 20, 2015

Hello Laura, thanks for your interest in this topic.
As you might expect, state, district, and regional regulations around professional development credits vary. Please contact your supervisor or representative to determine whether Perkins eLearning credits are transferable to you.
We provide a uniform formula based on contact hours for all of our professional development offerings. For example, 25 professional development points or continuing education credits represents 25 clock hours committed to that development experience.
We find that this standardized expression of contact hours enables all participants to transfer Perkins experiences uniformly to their own regional requirements. 

Posted by KarenJul 28, 2015

Hello, I need 10 hours from the MTEL office (MA teacher license department), on augmentative communications. If I complete this workshop, would it give me 10 hours of instruction on this topic? And when I have finished if the MTEL office requires a letter, would someone from your department be able to help? Finally, since I am only going for "hours" and not graduate credits is there a different level of expectation of work load? How much work is the class?
Thank you,

Posted by RSittenJul 28, 2015

Thanks for your interest, Karen. This class is equivalent to 25 clock hours, approx. 5 hours class time per week.

Upon successful completion of the course, with a passing score, you will receive a signed certificate from Perkins eLearning noting 25 continuing education credits (or Professional Development Points, if you prefer that wording). The course requirements are the same for contuing education or graduate registration. You can dowload the syllabus from the link above to see the week by week workload. While the class does not meet together on a given day or time of day, there are weekly assignments, and class interaction that will be expected. This course is limited to 20 aprticipants, and is almost full. Since class opens on Monday Aug 3, you may want to register now for one of those remaining seats. 

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