Hi-Tech O&M


This micro-credential is awarded to individuals who have successfully completed and passed the Hi-Tech O&M blended workshop. This workshop class provides participants with the opportunity to use technology to enable independent travel in a variety of specific real-world contexts.


In order to earn this micro-credential, participants will need to identify technologies for O&M including apps, use of VoiceOver, etc. and describe and implement generalization strategies.


Participants will:

  1. Describe technologies that develop curiosity, knowledge and mental maps about the community and/or surroundings and pre-view new environments.
  2. Identify a core suite of apps that are commonly used for O&M purposes.
  3. Demonstrate basic VoiceOver screen reader gestures with an iPhone.
  4. Identify apps for indoor and outdoor navigation.
  5. Describe and implement generalization strategies.

Courses Offered

Learn strategies for nurturing curiosity and confidence in young travelers as well as how to use cutting edge technology to enable independent travel.
Professional Development Offering