Cortical Visual Impairment and the Evaluation of Functional Vision

Dr. Christine Roman presents an overview of CVI and the evaluation of functional vision in this free 30-minute video webcast.  She discusses the diagnosis of cortical visual impairment and presents an overview of the ten characteristic behaviors of CVI.


  • Normal eye exam
  • Big neurologic event
  • 10 characteristic behaviors (listed below)

Characteristic Behaviors of CVI:

  1. Color:  unusual attention to color
  2. Movement:  attention to movement
  3. Latency:  delayed response to visual stimulus
  4. Complexity: difficulty with visual complexity
  5. Visual Field Differences:  child may notice things on one side more clearly than the other, or in upper or lower field.
  6. Visual Novelty:  child with CVI often prefers looking at things that are familiar
  7. Reflex Response:  often don't respond when touched on bridge of nose or in response to visual threat
  8. Distance Viewing:  often prefer near viewing
  9. Light Gazing:  drawn to look at light
  10. Visually-Directed Reach:  often unable to look and reach as a single action