Overview of Endorsement in the CVI Range©

Cortical visual impairment, or CVI, has become the leading cause of visual impairment in children in the United States and many developed countries. Practitioners in the field, including teachers of the visually impaired and other vision specialists, typically receive very little, if any formal training in CVI at the pre-service level. Perkins School for the Blind and Dr. Christine Roman recognize a need to acknowledge the training and expertise of professionals who have acquired skills in working with children with CVI.

In this special edition of Perkins E Learning's webinar series, you will hear Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy of CVI Resources and the Pediatric View Program of West PennHospital talk about the Perkins-Roman CVI Range Endorsement, a partnership between Dr. Christine Roman and Perkins School for the Blind. 

In order to qualify for the Perkins-Roman CVI Range© Endorsement, professionals need to have education and certification in an educational or health related field and significant expertise working with children with cortical visual impairment. Successful applicants must also demonstrate proficiency administering The CVI Range© in all phases. The following items must be completed in order to be considered for this endorsement:

1.  Create an account on The CVI Range© Endorsement site

2.  Apply for Endorsement

We will review your application.  Please note this can take several business days upon receipt of completed application.

If approved:

3.  Payment of $125.00 application processing fee

4.  Successful completion (passing grade) of the CVI skills and knowledge test or earn CVI Proficiency micro-credentials through an online class or blended workshop

5.  Successful completion (passing grade) conducting The CVI Range© on video case examples

6.  Three letters of recommendation describing your work with children with CVI; a link to upload the letters of reference will be sent when it is the appropriate step in the process

    a. At least one from a parent

    b. At least one from a professional (TVI, Administrator, etc.)

    c. See guidelines for a letter of reference

7.  Verification of completion of application

Preview Application Form

Create a New Application

If you already have an existing application please visit the Application Progress Page to view your application.

Knowledge Test Only

If you do not have experience with students in all three phases or you are not confident in your ability to score the CVI Range, you may request only the Knowledge Test, and earn the CVI Basics micro-credential without the Endorsement. The fee for the Knowledge Test alone is $75.

Contact us with any questions:  CVI@Perkins.org

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