Can You Find the Sound?

By Activity Bank on Oct 08, 2013

This activity has been revised and was originally created by Kathy Heydt and published in the Perkins Activity and Resource Guide (1st edition, Volume 2,  1992).  The second edition is available for purchase.

A consistent sound in the environment can give helpful information for the student navigating with low or no vision. Working on sensory training in general, and auditory in particular, this activity focuses on sound localization. Lessons include Orientation and Mobility.


Timer, musical toy, digital player, radio, instructor talking, another student talking, finger snapping


  • Have the student sit at a table.
  • Provide the student with a constant sound source somewhere on the table.
  • Ask the student to reach out and touch the sound source.
  • Move the object to another location and ask the student to reach out and touch the sound source again.


  • Have the student point toward a stationary sound source.
  • Move the sound source farther away and ask the student to walk toward the stationary sound source.
  • Ask the student to find a hidden sound source.
  • Ask the student to identify if the sound source is in front, behind, or to the left or right of him.

Hint: Identify different sounds encountered throughout the day.



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