Accessible Science Adaptations for VI

These adaptations have been created by teachers to make science equipment accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired. Please let us know if you have an adaptation that you would like to share with others!

Here are some options for creating tactile rain gauges:   Low tech :   Vegetables, annual flowers, trees, and... Read More
Many thanks to Michael Deolloz for this idea. When building Molymod models to build biomolecules,  the carbon and oxygen atoms are of similar size and will be difficult for students with... Read More
This adaptation is so very simple, it's hard to believe I hadn't thought of it before and many others are probably already using it. As per the picture, simply use a tactile marker to describe the... Read More
To make the adapted graduated cylinders, I was lucky enough to have the help of a student intern from MIT.  At one time, the 25 mL cylinders were available in adapted form from the Lawrence... Read More
The APH Periodic Table and references booklet are excellent tools for chemistry students who are visually impaired to utilize in order to gain the information that sighted peers are learning from the... Read More
This is such a simple adaptation that I had not even thought about adding it to the site until we used it in lab today.  When counting how many (of anything) a student is measuring, a print... Read More
Many thanks to Belinda Rosas for sharing this idea.  Belinda is a teacher at TSBVI. Students with visual impairment often struggle to orient to the scientific talking calculator (Orion TI-36... Read More
I was reminded of how I have made the APH Periodic Table Reference Booklet easier to use afer receiving a call from a TVI who was struggling to have her 8th grade student utilize this tool Simply... Read More
These idea were shared with me by Clare Scallon, an elementary teacher at TSBVI, and Craig Edgely, a Teaching Assistant at TSBVI.    The large print/ braille ruler is reviewed at... Read More
A brilliant and very simple idea shared with Positive Eye by a creative Teacher of VI from Samuel Cody Specialist Sports College. This is an ingenious idea to teach the concept of how a thermometer... Read More
Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVIs) will often find it necessary to produce a tactile graphic for a student when one is not available in the text.  The PIAF (Pictures in a Flash) is a very... Read More
Purpose To teach students who are visually impaired to use an adapted balance scale Background The use of the balance scale is usually taught in elementary school  This tool can be... Read More