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By Laura Hospitál
As with blog posts from the past several months relating to adapting instruction in chemistry and biology, this post is designed to give practical ideas for the TVI with a student in a middle school science class focusing on physical science and earth/space science.  This course is offered in 8th grade... read more


Researchers Margilee Hilson, Sally Hobson, and Tiffany Wild present information about their study of science camps for... read more

and Space Science

This section of Amazing Space features a library of selected Hubble images that can be printed in a tactile format. The... read more

and Technology

Matthew is a high school student who is blind, and he and his sighted friend have have invented a system which enables... read more


For itinerant TVIs who are adapting chemistry for a braille student, these guidelines will be invaluable.   The 20-page... read more