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By Laura Hospitál
I remember a conversation with my mother years ago when I first began teaching.  As a school psychologist for many years, she had observed many classroom environments.  As we spoke about effective (and ineffective) teaching practices, she remarked that the teachers who regularly had an intro type... read more


Many thanks to Kathi Garza and Cindy Bachofer, TSBVI Outreach,  for sharing this activity.    This activity provides a... read more

and Space Science

This Tactile Astronomy section of Amazing Space features a library of selected Hubble images that can be printed in a... read more

and Technology

Matthew is a high school student who is blind, and he and his sighted friend have have invented a system which enables... read more


Students measure the distance a marble rolls and the time it takes to roll. They then calculate the speed using the equation... read more