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By Laura Hospitál
This blog was conceptualized as I mulled over what would most benefit itinerant TVIs working with a student in a content-specific high school class.  It occurred to me that a comprehensive list that includes clear descriptions of the appropriate tools to purchase for the year and an overview of what... read more


Students often have difficulty understanding that the entire DNA code for an organism is located in almost every cell of the... read more

and Space Science

This interactive activity can be done while instructing students on plate tectonics and as a review.   Key terms: Plate... read more

and Technology

This app was developed by 7th grade student Hari Bhimaraju of Cupertino, California.  It is designed  to help people who are... read more


While teaching the electromagnetic spectrum, it occurred to me that Wikki Stix would make a quick and easy model to... read more