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By Jerry Berrier
A Gift A biology professor introduced me to birding by ear when I was in college.  I think neither he nor I realized what a wonderful gift he had given me. Below are suggestions for how you can acquaint your students with what has long been one of my greatest passions.  Birding by ear can be... read more


Background: DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic Acid, is a special 5-carbon protein, consisting of a double helix. It looks like a... read more

and Space Science

Due to the combined gravitational effects of the Sun and Moon, extreme tidal ranges occur twice a month at the 2 times when... read more

and Technology

Matthew is a high school student who is blind, and he and his sighted friend have have invented a system which enables... read more


While teaching the electromagnetic spectrum, it occurred to me that Wikki Stix would make a quick and easy model to... read more