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By Laura Hospitál
Many thanks to Scott Baltisberger, TSBVI Outreach and Michael Coleman, EASY LLC for their wisdom on this topic.    Please refer to for Scott's excellent webinar, Visual Arts for the Visually Impaired: Drawing for the Blind - Tools and Techniques, on the TSBVI website.  This... read more


Many thanks to Kathi Garza and Cindy Bachofer, TSBVI Outreach,  for sharing this activity.    This activity provides a... read more

and Space Science

This Tactile Astronomy section of Amazing Space features a library of selected Hubble images that can be printed in a... read more

and Technology

Matthew is a high school student who is blind, and he and his sighted friend have have invented a system which enables... read more


This hands-on science activity teaches students who are blind and visually impaired about the balance of objects.