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Preparing for Transition from School to Adult Life – Starting the Process Early!
Presented by Karen Narvol, Private Assistive Technology Consultant
Online Class - Jun 22, 2015 to Jul 26, 2015
Presented by Millie Smith, Consultant, Developer of the APH Sensory Learning Kit and Symbols and Meaning Kit
Onsite Training - Jun 22, 2015 to Jun 26, 2015
Presented by Deirdre Walsh, MS CCC/SLP
Online Class - Jul 06, 2015 to Aug 23, 2015

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Jul 08, 2015
With Laurie Block, Graham Warder, and Rich Cairn

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With Megan Connaughton

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Raised line of a simple circuit in which the battery and the light bulb are connected with Wikki Stix.

Raised line tactile

diagram of a simple circuit